Marlow Navigation to cooperate with University in Germany.


Marlow Navigation has formed a cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Emden/Leer, Faculty of Maritime Studies to support students with their practical education.

From left to right: Mrs Cornelia Beelmann, Prof. Dr. Carsten Wilken, Mr Jan Meyering, Prof. Dr. Marcus Bentin.

Marlow Navigation Joint Managing Director Jan Meyering, emphasised the great value of this agreement for both parties: “We at Marlow, and other shipping companies, need the know-how which these students will gain while training on-the-job and on-board vessels,” he said. “It is no doubt important that new talent is attracted to the shipping industry and given the right opportunities to gain invaluable experience in order to better learn and excel,” he added.

The agreement includes 10 student positions per year on vessels under Marlow’s crew managed fleet. Students must successfully complete two on-board assignments.

“Achieving the on-board component of the internship became rather difficult during an economically difficult situation in the shipping sector. Therefore this new cooperation with Marlow Navigation is of great value,” said Dean of the University’s Maritime Studies, Prof. Dr. Marcus Bentin.

The application process, which last 26 weeks, has just begun.  “The students-to-be have to prove that they are fit for sea duty by having a medical examination beforehand, as well as to successfully complete safety training,” explained Cornelia Beelmann, in charge of internships and practical education at the University.

Demand for seagoing personal, and ashore in management, has increased greatly over recent years, with the professions considered to be highly acclaimed in many countries around the world. Providing greater channels to develop new talent is considered fundamental to the industry and indeed the global economy.

At the moment around 430 students study in Leer. The faculty in Leer offers various courses in maritime studies, nautical sciences and ship management. In addition, an international Master’s course is planned in cooperation with the Norwegian city of Haugesund.

“This agreement with Marlow is something unique and gives our University an outstanding profile,” stated Vice President for Studies and Education and International affairs at the University, Prof. Dr. Carsten Wilken, during the signing of the agreement.

Source: Marlow Navigation

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