Cyprus DMS consolidated instructions and Guidelines applicable to Private Ship Security Companies


The Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping (DMS), has issued consolidated instructions and Guidelines applicable to Private Ship Security Companies via a new Circular.

The content of this Circular intends to provide guidance on several requirements of the Law, and is applicable in cases of submission of an initial application, a supplementary submission after an examination by the Competent Authority, a submission of an application for the addition of private ship security guards or firearms on previously issued Certificate of a PSSC or in cases of purchase / take over or merge of PSSCs.

The instructions and guidelines are set out in the annexes attached to this Circular

  • Annex 1: General Instructions;
  • Annex 2: Firearms; and
  • Annex 3: Guidance on Application – Explanations on Examination Process).

All PSSC’s holding a Certificate or are in the process of examination and certification are urged to ensure full compliance with these instructions.

Click below image to download Cyprus DMS Circular No: 09/2017


Source: Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping (DMS)



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