UK – Maritime Growth Study Review 2018


( The UK Department for Transport (DfT) posted the Maritime Growth Study Review. The Maritime Growth Study was published in 2015 and this is the first review of progress under the study. It shows strong improvement of collaboration between government and industry.

There were nonetheless a number of issues that emerged during the evidence gathering for this report. Some of these fell outside the original recommendations from the study and included:

  • Concerns about the general pace of delivery.
  • Weak communication with those outside Maritime UK or London with a resulting lack of awareness about initiatives or progress.
  • A feeling that the maritime sector is taken for granted.
  • The implications of leaving the EU (though these were not all seen in a negative light).
  • Clarity about ‘growth’ and how to measure success.
  • Maritime as an exportable sector in its own right.
  • Technological innovation and its future implications.

For more details, click on below image to download full report:

Source: UK Department for Transport (DfT)





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