MaRITeC-X launching a Blue Economy survey - be part of it !!!


( Local and European private and public institutions have teamed up to create in Cyprus an International Marine and Maritime Research Innovation and Technology Centre of Excellence, “MaRITeC-X”. This Centre aims at addressing the real needs of the Blue Economy as well as at bringing together the academia, the society and the marine and maritime industry.

In particular, MaRITeC-X is expected to generate the following benefits:

  • Creating jobs for Cypriot, European and international researchers, scientists and professionals
  • Facilitating access to technology and innovation for  the marine and maritime industry
  • Attracting foreign investment
  • Encouraging cooperation and synergies in terms of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) between the academia, the marine and maritime industry and public authorities at national, regional and international level
  • Attracting national, European and international funding for RTDI purposes
  • Increase of the competitiveness of SMEs active in the Blue Economy

In the preparatory phase of this Centre, the partners of MaRITeC-X are currently mapping the gaps and needs of priority Blue Economy sectors, so that this Centre responds effectively to them.


To this end, the following survey was launched (click to take the survey): 

The survey is aimed at shorebased Maritime/Marine personnel of all Nationalities and takes 15 minutes to complete. The collected feedback will be used for the design and implementation of the Science & Innovation Roadmap of MaRITeC-X.

It is also worth noting that if MaRITeC-X successfully passes the 2nd selection phase of the European Commission at the beginning of 2019, it will secure €15 million EU funding as well as additional national funding of an equivalent amount and it will kick-off around autumn 2019.

More information on MaRITeC-X can be found here.

Source: MaRITeC-X



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