Analysis on marine casualties and incidents involving Ro-Ro vessels


( EMSA has developed a methodology to analyse data reported in the European Marine Casualty Information Platform (EMCIP) with the view to detect potential safety issues. Such a methodology has been applied to conduct an analysis focused on ro-ro vessels, both passenger and cargo, whose occurrences were reported in EMCIP by the MS between 17/06/20111 and 26/04/2018.

The project has been conducted at two levels:

  • A high-level analysis of all the reported occurrences, either investigated or not, intending to prepare general statistics and identify possible trends;
  • A more detailed analysis on “Accidental Events” (AE), “Contributing Factors” (CF), “Safety Recommendations” (SR) and “Actions Taken” (AT) based on the completed investigations.
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Eleven safety issues were identified for casualties with ships, each one analysed with further fragmentation into Areas of Concern (AoC). Following an assessment based on frequency and extent of consequences, the safety issues for accidents with ro-ro ships are:

  1. Work operation methods
  2. Safety assessment – review
  3. Tools and hardware (design and operation)
  4. Planning and procedures
  5. Maintenance
  6. Training and skills
  7. Legislation and compliance
  8. Emergencies on board (handling and equipment)
  9. Environment
  10. Management factors
  11. Physical / psychological conditions

Moreover, five safety issues were found relevant for occupational accidents and identified as follows:

  1. Work / operation methods
  2. Safety assessment – review
  3. Planning and procedures
  4. Tools and hardware (design and operation)
  5. Training and skills

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Source: EMSA

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