Infographic – The Greatest Ocean Treasures Ever Found


( Sailors and explorers have been sailing the world’s oceans for hundreds of thousands of years. Throughout this time there have been many sea disasters. Studies have estimated that over three million ship disasters have occurred throughout human history. It comes with no surprise that finding the treasures in the depths of the ocean has become a big business. In many cases, millions and billions worth of gold and other valuable treasures have been found. Underwater archaeologists and treasure hunters worldwide have dedicated much of their time and energy in order to recover these valuable shipwrecks.

As we will see in the list below, some treasure hunters have dedicated most of their lives to excavating these underwater shipwrecks. Although many government agencies have tried to lay claim to the bountiful treasures found by excavators, most of the world’s oceans fall under international law meaning these dedicated archaeologists and treasure hunters have taken home millions of dollars. Review this infographic listing some of the largest ocean treasures ever found. Let’s go on an underwater exploration to uncover some of the most valuable shipwreck treasures…

Thw greatest treasures

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