Cyprus’ Deputy Minister of Shipping to open Digital Ship’s Vessel Performance Optimisation forum next month


( Ms Natasa Pilides, Deputy Minister of Shipping, Republic of Cyprus is to deliver the keynote address at Digital Ship’s Vessel Performance Optimisation forum held in Limassol next month.

The forum will discuss how current and new digital technologies can be applied to shipping and maritime operations to improve fuel efficiency and overall vessel performance.

Operating a fuel-efficient ship is the result of an optimised design, energy efficient power and propulsion systems, low-emission fuels or abatement technologies, access to reliable and transparent fuel consumption data, and mindful operation.  With the IMO’s 2020 global sulphur cap less than a year away, there is additional pressure to understand and optimise vessel performance. The IMO’s 2050 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target requires shipping to start decarbonising now if it wants to reach that goal.

This one-day event in Cyprus will look at the developments in digital technology and how and where it can be used to make real gains in fuel efficiency. Through individual presentations, panel sessions and discussions, and a networking evening, delegates will have the chance to understand more about measuring and managing vessel performance for energy and cost-efficient operations.

Topics to be covered include:

  • A keynote address by Natasa Pilides, Deputy Minister of Shipping, Republic of Cyprus on how Cyprus is leading innovative and energy efficient shipping.
  • A talk on IMO 2020: the legal challenge from Gina Panayiotou, Head of Shipping, Michael Kyprianou & Co.
  • Discussions on how we can better use data to support vessel performance.
  • A panel on advanced satellite communications technology to improve vessel performance.
  • A talk on OSM’s Operation Centre, demonstrating vessel performance monitoring across multiple levels.
  • How to optimise ship propulsion efficiency conversions.
  • A discussion on finding the balance between managing vessels, meeting regulations, and automation.

Speakers include:

  • Natasa Pilides, Deputy Minister of Shipping, Republic of Cyprus
  • Karl Jeffery, Publisher, Tanker Operator magazine
  • Hans Paul, Area Sales Manager, VAF Instruments
  • Gina Panayiotou, Head of Shipping, Michael Kyprianou & Co
  • Xanthos Neophytou, Sales Infrastructure Manager at OSM Maritime Group
  • Further presentations will be given by V.Ships, Inmarsat, Speedcast, RINA, and more.

The Cyprus Digital Ship Vessel Performance Optimisation forum is aimed at those looking to understand more about how to measure ship performance through digital technologies, including:

  • CEOs/CIOs/CTOs/COOs/Managing Directors
  • Technical directors/managers
  • Operations directors/managers
  • IT Managers
  • Performance directors/managers
  • New build directors/managers
  • Fleet performance directors/managers and SuperIntendents
  • Energy performance directors/managers
  • Engineering directors/managers
  • Port and terminal operators
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Marine technology manufacturers and digital solutions providers
  • Supply Chain Consultants

Delegates involved in Ship Design, Emissions, Regulations, and Sustainability, as well as those working for Marine Equipment Manufacturers, Marine Solution Providers, Paint and Coatings Manufacturers, and Fuel Suppliers will also be at the forum.

All sessions will be free for end users (ship owners, managers and yards) and just EUR645 for all others until February 14.

Register online through our website on:

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