World’s First – Herbosch-Kiere Chooses Containerized Mobile BWMS from Bawat to Serve Entire Fleet


( Marine Engineering specialist company, Herbosch-Kiere has chosen Bawat’s Mobile containerized BWMS for its reception facility to serve its entire fleet of vessels and barges.

Herbosch-Kiere tested the world’s first Mobile BWMS from Bawat in the spring of 2020 and found it worked so well for their desire to serve a fleet of multiple ships and barges with ballast water treatment requirements. Following the test Herbosch-Kiere has now decided to invest in a Bawat Mobile BWMS.

Marcus Hummer CEO at Bawat said "It is a big decision for any company to find the right BMWS solution that can work well for you. It has been great to experience how satisfied Herbosch-Kiere found the Bawat Mobile BWMS during the trial period. With its single-pass technology, the Bawat Mobile Solution is perfectly suitable for servicing multiple vessels, thus highlighting how Bawat can create value for our customers.

Marcus continues: Bawat’s Mobile BWMS allows ballast water treatment on land or on barges in ports, terminals and shipyards. By establishing and operating mobile treatment units, a large number of ships can be serviced per unit, installations on each ship are avoided, resulting in significantly lower installation and treatment costs to the shipowner.

Pieter Nagels, Head of Vessel and Plant Department at Herbosch-Kiere said: "We were very pleased to have the chance to try out Bawat's Mobile BWMS during spring 2020 and found that it worked out perfectly for our needs. The choice of a Bawat Mobile BWMS allows us not only to operate our own equipment according to regulations but also to offer ballast water treatment as a commercial service or project solution to third parties.”

How Bawat’s Mobile BWMS Works

The Bawat Mobile BWMS solution is a compact system that is placed in a container and can easily be moved or sited in a harbour area or placed on another vessel. Bawat’s Mobile BWMS allows ballast water treatment on land or barge in ports, terminals and shipyards, if an onboard system is not installed or malfunctions. By establishing and operating mobile treatment units, a large number of vessels can be serviced per unit, installations on each ship are avoided, resulting in un-comparable investment and treatment cost compared to traditional BWMS systems installed per vessel.

Bawat has established a cooperation with Scottish-based Ballast Water Containers (BWC) for the design, assembly and delivery of its containerized BWMS. BWC CEO Richard Lawson states: “We are delighted to have been selected by Bawat for the design and manufacture of their containerized BWMS. Bawat’s technology and BWC’s experience are the perfect match and we firmly believe that Bawat single pass technology provides the ideal solution to the challenges of mobile containerized systems.”

Bawat’s Mobile system is a single-pass system, that either delivers treated D2-compliant ballast water to the vessels before departure or receives and treat ballast water during de-ballasting operation. With a single pass, holding time is eliminated and as the Bawat technology operates without a filter, one of the largest operational obstacles in traditional BWMS is completely avoided. So, when the ballast water has passed the Bawat system, either in ballasting mode or de-ballasting mode the ballast water is in full compliance with the IMO discharge criteria, D2, for ballast water.

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About Bawat

The development of an entirely new approach to ballast water management utilizing onboard waste heat to treat ballast water and creating a system that is simple, cost-effective and sustainable led to the founding of Bawat in 2011. Since then, Bawat has built upon its innovative breakthrough, and now offers ballast water solutions to the maritime industry in three categories: a ship BWMS, a mobile containerized BWMS and an offshore BWMS. All solutions build on a zero environmental impact adapting to the maritime increased environmental focus. Bawat is an engineer-driven company that is rooted in the tradition of Danish maritime innovation and with a deep maritime insight. Main shareholders today include the Hummer family, Self-invest Family Office, shipping-professional Klaus Nyborg and Danish Pension Fund MP Pension.

About Herbosch-Kiere

Founded over a century ago, Herbosch-Kiere is specialised in river, port, coastal and offshore projects. Its specialty areas include the demolition and rebuilding of quay walls, bridges, locks and jetties, as well as stone dumping, dredging and salvage projects. They are conveniently located in Antwerp, one of Europe's largest ports - a great asset for carrying out projects anywhere in the world.

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