Guidelines for pleasure yachts operating in polar waters

Yachts operating in polar waters

( These guidelines for pleasure yachts of 300 gross tonnage and above have been developed by IMO member states to supplement existing industry and/or national standards.

They provide additional guidance aimed at increasing the safety of yachts and persons on board, to mitigate the additional risk arising from the climatic conditions and other hazards when operating in polar waters.

They were developed in acknowledgement that operating in polar waters imposes additional demands on yacht systems, including navigation, communications, life-saving, main and auxiliary machinery, environmental protection and damage control, beyond those normally encountered.

These Guidelines also recognize that safe operation in such conditions requires special
attention to human factors including crewing arrangements and training in emergency and
operational procedures to ensure their safety in a polar environment. They focus on the need to ensure that yacht systems are capable of functioning effectively under anticipated operating conditions and to provide adequate levels of safety in accident and emergency situations.

It is important to note that these guidelines are recommendations only. Their wording is designed to provide guidance, rather than mandatory direction.

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Source: IMO


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