Maritime Loss Prevention: Containerised cargo fires - CARGOSAFE report


( Fires on containerships, in particular originating in containers, have gained increasing visibility in recent years.

Cargo fire safety onboard container vessels can be considered a topic with two essential dimensions requiring due consideration in any safety risk analysis. The first is related to the ship systems for detection and response to fires, and the second on the carriage, handling, declaration and segregation of dangerous goods (DGs).

The objective of CARGOSAFE is to identify cost-effective risk control options for cargo fires, dealing with both dimensions of the problem both for existing ships and newbuilds, based on a safety risk study on containerized cargo fires. The study follows the structure of Formal Safety Assessment, as described in IMO’s MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.12/Rev.1 in a way that can be proposed and considered in the context of the relevant discussions at IMO.

You can download the CARGOSAFE report here:


Source: EMSA



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