Maritime Loss Prevention: Mooring Injury (video)

mooring injury

( Most mooring line accidents occur as the result of unexpected and violent mooring line movement. Lines can move for a number of reasons such as becoming snagged and snapping free, being mishandled on the drum or strong point, or simply breaking. Snagging conditions can develop due to surface defects on the dock or ship, or by simply having the mooring line in an unsafe location, to begin with.

It is essential that sufficient personnel are detailed to attend the mooring operation and that the activities to be undertaken are adequately explained and supervised by a deck officer. Personnel not involved in the mooring operation should be kept well clear of the mooring decks. In the event of an unusual or non-standard mooring operation, it is recommended that a new risk assessment be completed before the operation commences as they will potentially have associated hazards not covered within the risk assessment done for a standard mooring operation.

This animated video depicts a mooring accident that occurred when a bulk carrier was discharging cargo alongside a mineral terminal. While repositioning the vessel astern the terminal, using only mooring lines and with the engine on stand-by, the master became concerned the vessel was developing excessive sternway.

In this video

On the poop deck, an able seaman tightened up the back spring winch brake and as the strain came on the rope, it parted with one end of the rope snapping back, violently striking the second officer. The injured seaman suffered broken ribs and serious internal injuries.



Source: UK P&I Club


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