Prevention at Sea’s electronic ORB is acknowledged by the USCG


( On a recent update on Maritime Digitalisation and the already successful electronic Oil Record Book by company "Prevention At Sea", the United States Coast Guard has acknowledged their MARPOL electronic Oil Record Book’s compliance with MEPC.312(74).

Petros Achtypis, founder and CEO of Prevention at Sea said the following, “It is a great
honour and privilege for our electronic ORB to receive this acknowledgment from the
USCG. At the same time, we are very excited that our MORSE suite of ship logbooks has
been embraced by the maritime industry, indicating the industry’s support for cutting-edge software that aims to assist towards fleet optimization. We are very excited about
the MORSE platform as we are gradually unlocking the great commercial value of
compliant ship logbook data.”

Prevention at Sea’s electronic ORB promotes Transparency, Credibility, Traceability, and
guards against practical ORB issues such as:

    • Discrepancies between entry into the ORB and actual capacity of the OWS
    • Failure to document entries of internal transfer of oily mixtures
    • Recording of vague entries and mistakes
    • Risk of lawsuits and criminal charges
    • Falsification of log entries
    • Missing oil record book
    • Administrative burden
    • Sounding tables and piping diagrams modules
    • Seals inventory and daily sounding modules
    • Ship-specific customization
    • Automated calculations
    • Maintenance and support plan
    • Role based access
    • Backup system
    • Data security
    • Support 24/7

Assisting seafarers in maintaining accurate and error-free onboard recordkeeping!

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