Since 2014 we are providing free and unbiased maritime news to our international audience. In 2016 we set out to make our newsforum sustainable by deepening our relationship with our readers. The same technologies that connected us with a global audience had also shifted advertising revenues away from news publishers. We decided to seek an approach that would allow us to keep our newsforum free and accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. These great companies have contributed to this goal, by becoming our sponsors.

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This multinational Group, has been created to provide a meeting place and discussion podium in the international Ship management scene and those who regulate, support it or co-operate with it. Main aim is to provide each other necessary advises, transfer the experience and knowledge by the group discussions, forums or individual postings and finally bring together maritime professionals.

Our goals are to debate and share experiences in the following areas:

  1. Providing insight and perception to the maritime industry.
  2. The importance of compliance with International, local and port state rules and regulations.
  3. Sharing identified training needs and techniques and discussing how they can be implemented on board a vessel.
  4. Sharing preventable safety problems or hazards - learning from each other’s examples.
  5. Promoting co-operation between ship management companies, internationally and the Cyprus Flag Administration.
  6. Encouraging local maritime conferences and exhibitions.

And much more...the overall goal being to improve safety, operational procedures, minimize accidents and promote co-operation in the Maritime industry.

Please join us and take part in the dialogue.
Kind regards
Maritime Cyprus - Editorial Team

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