CYPRUS wins Global Lloyds List Innovation 2014 award (Lynceus project)

image002Lynceus project has won the prestitious Global Lloyds List Awards 2014 in the field of Innovation. The ceremony was held on 30 Sept. 2014 in London.

Great success for Company Signal Generix and MARINEM, the Lynceus project technologies and also Cypriot Innovation which was selected as top innovation in the field of world shipping.

The EU-funded LYNCEUS project is developing technology that will revolutionise ship evacuation practice. The 3-year work programme, due to end in 2015, is focussed on the development of innovative technology that will locate and track people in danger on board ships in emergency situations.

See relevant article in Lloyds List: Lloyd’s List Global Award winners revealed

The Lynceus project was hosted in Maritime Cyprus news in the past:


5 thoughts on “CYPRUS wins Global Lloyds List Innovation 2014 award (Lynceus project)

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