International Institute of Marine Surveying, the Report Magazine June 2016


The Report Magazine is the official publication of the International Institute of Marine Surveying.

The Institute publishes the Report Magazine four times per year in March, June, September and December.

Highlights of this issue of The Report magazine:

  • Autonomous ships: Coming soon to an ocean near you
  • IIMS 25th Anniversary Conference. Latest news
  • Revenge of the Sailboat. Are unconventional wind powered vessels the future?
  • The IIMS President elect speaks up
  • Is a fibreglass boat safe to go to sea?
  • Planned maintenance systems for superyachts
  • Galvanism, electrolysis and pitting
  • A day in the life of Capt John Noble
  • Sampling of iron ore fines

Click below image to download full Magazine in pdf format.

the Report-June-2016-Cover

Source: IIMS


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