USCG checklist on LNG fuel system inspection

In April 2015, the USCG Liquefied Gas Carrier (LGC) National Center of Expertise (NCOE) identified the need for and with USCG Headquarters program support established the LNG as a Fuel Workforce Development Committee (LNGFWDC) to identify USCG prevention workforce development needs for the emerging use of LNG as a maritime fuel and LNG bunkering.

The LGC NCOE recruited over 40 field and staff subject matter experts (SME) comprised of experienced LNG facility inspectors, marine inspectors, and gas carrier examiners from around the nation as members of the LNGFWDC.

The SMEs were divided into two sub-committees, one for LNG fueled vessels and one for LNG bunkering facilities. These groups have identified the highest priority workforce needs and will collectively develop draft deliverables to be used as recommendations for field units. The LGC NCOE is disseminating these recommendations as field notices for local units and industry to utilize on current and proposed projects and for USCG Headquarters program offices to consider as field tested templates.

The job aid although designed to be used by USCG personnel for initial and annual inspections and periodic safety test procedures, the document also provides operators of such vessels with guidance as to what USCG inspections will entail.

Click below image to view complete document.

USCG LNG inspections

Source: USCG



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