UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) Safety Digest 1/2017


The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has released the first safety Digest, containing twenty five cases it has investigated in recent times.

This Safety Digest draws the attention of the marine community to some of the lessons arising from investigations into recent accidents and incidents. It contains information which has been determined up to the time of issue.

The sole purpose of the Safety Digest is to prevent similar accidents happening again. The content must necessarily be regarded as tentative and subject to alteration or correction if additional evidence becomes available. The articles do not assign fault or blame nor do they determine liability. The lessons often extend beyond the events of the incidents themselves to ensure the maximum value can be achieved.

Commenting on this Safety Digest, Steve Clinch, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents, said, “When compiling this edition, I was struck by a common theme that runs through many of the accidents – taking an unnecessary risk to save time or get a job done more quickly. This is something that we probably have all been guilty of doing at some point in our careers whether afloat or ashore.”

He added, “With the approach of spring, many readers will be preparing to go back on the water in their small craft.
Some of you may also be considering carrying spare petrol on the boat. Please don’t! or at least keep the quantities you need to carry to the absolute minimum and always stow it on the open deck in sealed containers that can be quickly jettisoned. Case 25 explains why this is so important.”

Guy Platten, Chief Executive, UK Chamber of Shipping, who has written an introduction, says, “This digest provides a timely round up of the breadth of incidents from the capsize of a coastal cement carrier with the loss of all hands to an exploding grinding disc. It is written in a style that draws the reader in and makes individuals think very carefully about the sequence of events leading to the accident and how we can learn the lessons to ensure that they do not take place again.”

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Source: UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)

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