Flashback in history and infographic: Deepwater Horizon explosion and fire, 20 April 2010


On 20 April 2010, the MODU Deepwater Horizon, engaged in drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico, suffered a catastrophic explosion and fire.

Eleven workers died. Due primarily to the heroic efforts of the crew of the OSV Damon B. Bankston, the other 115 persons on the MODU were evacuated safely.

A massive oil spill ensued; the cleanup has been completed; and restoration work is slowly beginning. Most of the damage claims have been settled, but some litigation is ongoing.

While root cause and ultimate responsibility for this casualty continue to be disputed, it is clear that the tragic incident was preventable.

See further below two very interesting infographics on the incident (click on image to enlarge). Enjoy…

deepwater horizon explosion 2




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