Winner of the Lloyd’s List Americas 2017 ‘’Maritime Services Award’’


We are proud to announce that the Liberian Registry along with Prevention at Sea Ltd., were selected as the winner of the Lloyd’s List Americas 2017 ‘’Maritime Services Award’’ for the launching of the Electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) (Part I and Part II) Maritime Software.

The "Maritime Services Award" is for exceptional achievement or contribution to any service sector of the Americas maritime industry by a company, individual or organization. According to Lloyd's List criteria for this award: "The winner . . .must be able to demonstrate how they have successfully set themselves apart, going above and beyond best practice to offer the shipping industry something exceptional. “

The ε-ORB, which is one of our Software applications, aims to promote the notion behind Prevention at Sea which among others is paperless management on board the vessels, effective assistance to the seafarers in the oil record keeping and protection of the environment. The Liberian Registry has recognized these persistent problems from their earlier stages, thus they are the first registry decided to bring the technology into the picture by authorizing the ε-ORB system to act as the official oil record book. Recently the Japanese Registry has also authorized the ε-ORB use onboard ships, while more Registries will be announced shortly.

Petros Achtypis, CEO of Prevention at Sea Ltd., says, ‘’ It is a great honor and privilege for Prevention at Sea to receive the Lloyd’s List award for 2017. We are very excited that our maritime software ε-ORB (electronic Oil Record Book) was embraced by the Shipping Industry, signaling the support of innovative maritime applications which aim to assist towards fleet optimization. The challenges faced from the beginning of this project were many. Our teams, with hard work and great effort, achieved our goal to develop an intuitive piece of software, aiming to assist the end User in their daily routines by simplifying Oil Record Book keeping, reducing the administrative burdens, offering a Mariner-friendly working environment, minimizing the Human Element as well as introducing a revolutionary piece of software to the Shipping World. ‘’
‘’ We would also like to thank the Liberian Registry for their remarkable support and assistance provided from the very first moment as well as the outstanding technical knowledge, which were vital for the launching of the ε-ORB. We are very excited to be working together with the Liberian Officials as the project of converting the traditional log books into electronic log books progresses.’’

‘’ The ε-ORB software is the outcome of a series of ground-breaking maritime projects that will soon be introduced in the Shipping Industry by Prevention at Sea’’.

The ‘ε-ORB’, launched in 2016, is an LR certified maritime software application, which has gained the Shipping Industry’s support and has been developed aiming to enhance efficiency on board ships by ensuring compliance with MARPOL in relation to the Electronic Oil Record Book. The ε-ORB has been designed to replace the traditional paper Oil Record Book and to establish software transparency, credibility and traceability.

Created in accordance with MARPOL requirements and certified by Lloyd’s Register under MEPC.1/Circ. 736/Rev. 2 guidelines, the ε-ORB is designed to establish transparency, credibility and traceability. All information is stored electronically through the use of a system back-up, making archiving easier and enabling past data to be revisited. The ε-ORB software will be available for use by shipowners, ship operators, and authorities world-wide.

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Prevention at Sea’ is an ISO 9001 maritime technology and marine risk prevention firm certified by Lloyd’s Register built on a safety culture and risk prevention foundations and was born to serve the Shipping Industry by preventing the negatives and promoting the positives. Since 2016, Prevention at Sea is also a Microsoft Bizspark member.

‘Prevention at Sea’s’ vision is to prevent undesired and costly events and ensure effective sailing by offering complete solutions based on best management practices, risk assessment, ad-hoc training and innovation. We believe that the ‘key’ to moving forward in this complex industry, allowing the business environment to thrive, is by implementing the concept of ‘Prevention’, thus safeguarding life, property and the environment.’

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