Rolls Royce - World's first remotely operated commercial vessel (video)


( Rolls-Royce and global towage operator Svitzer have successfully demonstrated the world’s first remotely operated commercial vessel in Copenhagen harbour, Denmark.

Earlier this year, one of Svitzer´s tugs, the 28m long Svitzer Hermod, safely conducted a number of remotely controlled manoeuvres. From the quay side in Copenhagen harbour the vessel’s captain, stationed at the vessel’s remote base at Svitzer headquarters, berthed the vessel alongside the quay, undocked, turned 360°, and piloted it to the Svitzer HQ, before docking again.

The companies have also signed an agreement to continue their cooperation to test remote and autonomous operations for vessels. The primary systems involved will be autonomous navigation, situational awareness, remote control centre and communication.

Watch relevant video below.



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  1. Will this make life better for an average man? I have used manned tugs as shipboard crew as well as a pilot and have never had any problem with any of them. We sailed through mined areas of the North Sea, after WW II and that too without radar without any accidents. So why are we using technology to replace humans and cause more unemployment. Technology should improve life of an average person and not create problems. A good example is the medical field. What is wrong with the Marine Industry?