ClassNK Updates “Good Maintenance Onboard Ships” checklist


( IACS classification society ClassNK has just released their latest updated version of Good Maintenance Onboard Ships.  First published in 1994, this latest version of the booklet has been expanded to incorporate ideas and comments from port state control authorities, shipowners, and mariners, as well as extensive data compiled by the Society itself.

This publication provides a comprehensive set of four checklists for shipmasters, crew, shipowners, and other key personnel that covers every aspect of statutory requirements with clear references to the relevant regulations.  These four checklists cover items essential to routine maintenance, PSC inspections, Safety Management Systems, and International Ship and Port Facility Security.  An Appendix has been newly added which includes photos of the most common deficiencies found onboard ship.  Advice is also provided on how to address key maintenance issues, including how to check many specific items and the action to be taken when problems are found.

Managing Director Toshitomo Matsui noted that, “the checklists also identify and list common deficiencies pointed out during port state control inspections.  The contents of the checklists are very simple and can be easily checked by the crew during the voyage or before entering port.  We hope that these checklists will contribute to decreasing the number of ship detentions by PSC and help to prevent maintenance related problems onboard before they have a chance to occur.”

This newly revised and updated booklet should prove of great value to ship masters, ship owners, engineers, surveyors, and other key personnel working both onboard ship and onshore interested in maintaining their ships to the highest levels of safety.

Checklist contents:

  1. Checklist I (For Routine Maintenance)
  2. Checklist II (For PSC Inspection) 
  3. Checklist III (For Safety Management System) 
  4. Checklist IV (For International Ship and Port Facility Security) 
  5. Checklist V (For Maritime Labour Convention, 2006)

You can download the publication by clicking on below image:

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