UK Maritime Transport Statistics 2017


( The UK Department for Transport produced the annual Report showing statistical trends in the British transport sector for the year 2017.

Transport report provides statistics on:

  • the use people make of different modes of transport
  • aviation activity at UK and international airports and of airlines
  • transport energy consumption and greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions
  • road and rail freight
  • port freight and sea passenger traffic at UK sea ports
  • use of public transport
  • road traffic volumes and congestion
  • road and rail accidents and casualties
  • licensed vehicles and MOT and driving test rates
  • people using walking and cycling as a method of transport
  • the use of transport by people with mobility difficulties
  • transport expenditure

You can access all UK transport 2017 statistics by clicking here:

You can access the statistics of the UK Maritime sector by clicking below image.

Source: UK Department of Transport


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