Ship to Ship Transfer Operations Workshop at Limassol 27th June 2018


( If you are the kind of professional that would like to have total control over every aspect associated with Ship to Ship transfer operations, then you are a possible candidate for this workshop.

The scope of this STS workshop is to enhance the knowledge and the expertise of the attendees on safety issues related to Ship-to-Ship transfer operations. Moreover, during the workshop, practicable features on Ship to Ship transfers will be presented. Proper planning requires a conscientious approach which will enable all involved STS stakeholders to develop practicable, however diligent procedures towards a successful STS Operation. At the end of the workshop the attendees will have a clear understanding on the duties, inline with industry best practices, along with the preparedness, contribution and due diligence actions of involved STS stakeholders.

  • Under what circumstances Ship Operators can delegate their responsibility in STS transfers to 3rd parties?
  • What level of preparedness is necessary from Senior deck officers?
  • What are the particulars and assessment criteria of an STS Location?
  • Is your STS Risk Assessment according to OCIMF guidelines?
  • What is the grommet and how it can reduce mooring line breakdown?

Who may attend

Personnel from the following departments may attend the STS Workshop:

  • Chartering – Post Fixture
  • Flag Administration
  • Cargo owners – STS Organizers
  • Vessel Operators,
  • Senior Deck Officers
  • Vetting


Certificates of successful completion will be provided to all the participants from the DYNAMARINe Training Academy, certified from ABS G-CMET.

Your benefit from the workshop

At the end of the workshop your you will have received enhanced knowledge on the following:

  • The effect of human element on STS;
  • Best practices in preparing an STS operation;
  • Liabilities and understanding STS Stakeholders in conjunction with Master/Crew role;
  • The assessment process of an STS location according to industry practices;
  • Major/minor incident data on a global scale with causal factors;
  • The information/documentation tanker operators expect to receive from the STS Service provider;
  • Prudent practices in STS is an asset of the organisation and the STS location;

Mrs Olga Trifili from Messrs D. Koronakis S.A, accredited rope/wire manufacturer with worldwide presence will provide a presentation on high technology Mooring Apparatus and comments on possible effect of coming 4th Edition of MEG.


The fees per attendee is EUR 500,00.


  • For clients of DYNAMARINe 20% discount.
  • For multiple attendees from other companies 10% discount.
  • For Nautical Institute members 10% discount

Maximum discount is 20%


Forum website:

To register please email to, attention Mr. Fytas.

Workshop Brochure: Click on below image to download

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