Maritime Industry releases BMP5 guidance for Maritime Security Issues


( Maritime Cyprus welcomes the announcement of the publication of BMP5. This document have and will continue to contribute to the security and safety of merchant shipping  transiting the High Risk Areas off the Horn of Africa.

BMP5 continues to strongly encourage shipping operators to register their transits with EU NAVFOR MSCHOA and to follow the self-protection advice contained within BMP5.

The purpose of this publication is to help ships plan their voyage and to detect, avoid, deter, delay and report attacks. Experience has shown application of the recommendations in this publication makes a significant difference to the safety of seafarers. Piracy-specific Best Management Practice (BMP), international navies and capacity building ashore have helped to suppress piracy. However, Somali piracy has not been eradicated and remains a threat. The BMP contained in this publication mitigates the risk from piracy and other maritime security threats.

BMP5 is now available and can be downloaded here.


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