Infographic - 29 Scary facts about global water pollution


( Over 7 billion people. At the time of writing 7.125 billion people live on our beautiful blue planet. This figure is expected to rise to a staggering 10 billion by 2050. As the population grows our demand on resources are causing more and more problems. Water resources, in particular, are dramatically impacted by population growth. Water across every continent is now more polluted than ever. The infographic below shows 29 worrying facts about just how polluted our water is around the world (click image to enlarge).

Source: Waterlogic 

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  1. Frightening that the supposed Western world, America etc have so much unchecked water pollution. Add to this the emissions issues for transport - so many lorries crossing Europe, instead of using the train system for long distance transport, & ship emissions, no wonder the world & it's people are suffering. Time for Governments to get off their backsides & act. As a first step, force use of train transport for long term transport of goods, especially in Europe, stop polluting lorries.