Tokyo MoU releases their PSC Annual Report for 2019

( This annual report summarizes the port State control developments and activities of the Tokyo MOU in 2019. Moreover, the report also provides port State control statistics and analysis on the results of inspections carried out by member Authorities during the year.


In 2019, 983 ships registered under 66 flags were detained due to serious deficiencies having been found onboard. The detention rate of ships inspected was 3.13%. Both the number of detentions and detention percentage has decreased continuously till the previous year; however, a bounce of the trend was found in 2019.


A total of 73,393 deficiencies were recorded in 2019. It has been noted that fire safety measures, life-saving appliances and safety of navigation continue to be the top three categories of deficiencies discovered on ships. In 2019, 13,178 deficiencies related to fire safety measures, 9,893 deficiencies related to life-saving appliances and 9,179 safety of navigation related deficiencies were recorded, representing nearly 45% of the total number of all recorded deficiencies.

Comparing the data with the last year, deficiencies under the category of certificates and documentation reduced by 1,181 in number or 18% by percentage. MARPOL Annex VI related deficiencies dropped about
40% in 2019, after the 2018 CIC.

A general reduction trend is also found in categories of radio Communications, cargo operations including equipment, safety of navigation, dangerous goods and ISM. There was a continuous increase of deficiencies relating to BWM, after two years of implementation of the convention. As a direct result of the CIC on Emergency Systems and Procedures in 2019, deficiencies on emergency systems increased 1,029 in number or 25% by percentage.

For even more details, view the full Tokyo MOU 2019 Port State Control report by clicking on below image.


Source: Tokyo MOU

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