Mitigation of CoronaVirus (COVID-19) transmission onboard marine and offshore assets


( Similar to land-based facilities, marine and offshore assets can be exposed to outbreaks of infectious diseases. The COVID-19 outbreak, which was declared a pandemic in March of 2020, is an example. During such outbreaks, the health and wellbeing of seafarers and passengers can be impacted as well as the normal operation of marine and offshore assets.

An asset’s physical arrangement and operational procedures can act to mitigate the occurrence and transmission of infectious diseases. This Guide addresses the former.

This Guide focuses on the arrangement of measures to mitigate infectious disease outbreaks onboard ships and offshore assets. It addresses isolation cabins, medical facilities, sanitary spaces and offices designated for use by shore personnel and visitors during an outbreak, storerooms for infectious waste, storerooms for cleaning agents and disinfectants, and the laundry room. The requirements are given with respect to the number, location, and layout of the aforementioned spaces, as well as ventilation and interior surfaces.

The Guide is applicable to marine, offshore, and government assets including naval vessels, commercial vessels, drilling units, production installations, and other offshore units.

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Source: ABS

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