Guide for Hybrid electric power systems for marine and offshore applications


( As the maritime and offshore industries focus on a low-carbon future, hybrid technology has gathered increased interest. Based on an asset’s operational profile, hybrid electric power systems (HEPS) offer the opportunity to improve safety, reliability, operational efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption, environmental footprint, and equipment maintenance when compared to traditional electrical power systems.

ABS has developed a series of Guides for hybrid electric technologies (Lithium Batteries Guide, Supercapacitor Guide, Fuel Cell Power Systems Guide, DC Power Distribution Guide, etc.). With hybrid power systems in wide use in the marine and offshore industries, ABS provides Owners and Operators notations for different arrangements and configurations where electric power generation and energy storage technologies are used.

This Guide focuses on the integration of those new technologies with conventional power generation to develop a hybrid electric power system (HEPS).

A HEPS utilizes multiple sources of power, both non-traditional sources (e.g. batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells) and traditional sources (e.g. internal combustion engine-driven generator sets, shaft generator driven by the main engine). Technological developments are constantly being introduced for electric power systems.

It is expected that in the future, other alternate electrical power sources such as solar panels, flywheels, and wind (electric) power systems will be mature enough for integration into the electric power generation systems onboard vessels. Vessels with such arrangements also incorporate specialized power and energy management systems that are relatively new in the industry. The application of HEPS onboard the vessel will serve to reduce NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions.

This Guide addresses this topic specifically for marine and offshore assets designed, constructed, or retrofitted with a hybrid electric power system.

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Source: ABS

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