H.EL.M.E.T. - Human ELement Maritime Enhancement Tool Free Webinar 28 Jan 2021


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) Safety in the shipping industry needs to move away from the current ‘tick box’ culture, with greater emphasis placed on a proactive approach which puts people at the centre.

With the aim of detecting inefficient operational practices at an early stage before they can
escalate into major incidents, the Human ELement Maritime Enhancement Tool (H.EL.M.E.T.) developed by Prevention at Sea Ltd represents a simple, practical and effective methodology for risk assessment that can prevent safety incidents before they occur.

The use of this tool is supported by the H.EL.M.E.T. Committee, a group of well-respected industry stakeholders from INTERCARGO, Shell, Maran (Angelicoussis Group), Oldendorff Carriers, Chartwell, Minoa Marine, Eurobulk, Interorient, Byzantine maritime Corporation, Capital Shipmanagement, Enterprises Shipping & Trading, Arcadia, Empire Navigation – Empire Bulkers, Noble Energy, Visible, Mentaur, Harris Kyriakides Associates and the EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS, who hold the joint ambition to ultimately re-establish a genuine, industry-wide commitment to a ‘safe business culture’.

In this webinar, representatives from INTERCARGO, Prevention at Sea, Maran Dry Management and the European University of Cyprus will voice their views on shipping industry safety approaches and discuss the importance of the human element. Plans and progressions for the H.EL.M.E.T. tool and its methodology in 2021 will also be presented.




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