AP Moller – Maersk to adopt viking’s Hydropen™ container firefighting system


(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) One of the world’s leading shipping companies A.P. Moller – Maersk has opted for full-scale implementation of the unique and proven HydroPen™ system, designed for direct firefighting in stacked shipping containers onboard commercial vessels. The contract represents the single largest HydroPen™ order for VIKING Life-Saving Equipment – and will see systems delivered for the entire fleet of A.P. Moller – Maersk owned vessels.The HydroPen™ is unique in the sense that it is driven purely by water pressure through an attached deck fire hose. When water pressure is activated, a turbine will drive the HydroPen™ drilling unit until it penetrates the container door, whereupon the system will spray water into the container to extinguish the fire directly at the source. In the case of a fire at a height in the container stack, the HydroPen™ system can be deployed using a telescopic device. Beyond water, the system is compatible with foam or even CO2. Also, it is intuitive to use and requires only a minimum of training and maintenance.“From having been involved in the early development phases to fully implementing the HydroPen™ system,  A.P. Moller – Maersk has once again shown its uncompromising commitment to go beyond industry standards, to protect both its crews and its clients cargo and assets” said VIKING’s Anders Nørgaard Lauridsen, Senior Country Director, Baltic Sea.

HydroPen™ – demo

An innovative yet proven systemCommenting on the unique benefits of the HydroPen™ system, which was brought to market to tackle the rising threat which container fires continue to pose to the industry, VIKING Product Manager Lasse Boesen comments: “Our experience has been that, once a leading container line appreciates the effectiveness of HydroPen™ as a firefighting tool, fleetwide adoption generally follows. Useable on or below deck, HydroPen™ has increasingly been recognized for its usefulness on board container ships of all sizes, and it has seen action in real situations. “Also, it has been winning plaudits ever since its launch in 2019 – and today, HydroPen™ is preferred by the most well-known names in container shipping for extinguishing fires in the stack”, Boesen said.” Besides the system itself, the flexibility to train crew onboard ship or online is attractive to ‘top-tier’ customers, with digital training offered through the VIKING Safety Academy platform. The online HydroPen™ training option has obtained special praise from a panel of judges which chose the solution as the TT Club’s ‘Innovation in Safety’ award winner earlier this year.


VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S is a global leader in maritime, offshore and fire safety solutions. We manufacture, market and service safety and firefighting equipment for passenger and cargo ships, offshore installations, offshore wind turbines, fishing vessels, navies, helicopter services, fire departments and leisure yachts around the world. VIKING’s products protect passengers and crew on many of the world’s largest cruise liners and cargo ships, and we help to ensure safe conditions for workers on some of the world’s most advanced offshore platforms. We also enable shipowners and owners/operators of offshore installations to focus on their business by managing their service tasks and ensuring the regulatory compliance of all their products and solutions. VIKING is a privately held corporation, founded in 1960. In recent years, VIKING acquired the Norwegian company Norsafe, whose lifeboats have been used around the world since 1904, and Drew Marine’s FSR division, one of the world’s three largest providers of Marine Fire Service. Headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark, VIKING products are manufactured in Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Greece, China and Thailand.



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