Vacancy: Credit Control Officer, Island Oil Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus


Scope of duties

CCO – IPL will work closely with the Group Credit Risk Manager (GCRM). The primary responsibility of the CCO – IPL is to ensure that adequate follow-up of receivables is performed and that reliable projections of receivables are made on a daily basis. CCO – IPL monitors closely the credit limits, alerting immediately the GCRM, the CFO and the Traders once credit limits have been exceeded.


  • Prepares the daily cash flow for receivables.
  • Follows up for payment with the debtors/brokers in relation to the Group’s physical sales.
  • Prepares the appropriate follow up list from the Daily Cash Flow (i.e. forward reminders, overdue reminders) and constantly monitors the Statements of Outstanding for all trade centres.
  • Maintains a credit control log and adequate filing system for recording of all actions taken in respect of following up of receivables.
  • Follows up with customers in case of expected prepayments for loadings by coordinating with Traders if required.
  • Prepares the release of funds for Aegean Baltic Bank whenever required and reconciling the list of receivables for IOL/IPL.
  • Posting of all Incomings in Accounting System on a daily basis.
  • Provides the various banks, in relation to IPL, with any required documents/invoices and/or information/clarification, mostly concerning incoming payments from third parties as well as any missing invoice/ref. numbers.
  • Prepares and distributes on a weekly basis the lists of receivables i.e. DAAR/SOA to all Traders and provides any payment information/updates, as required.
  • Prepares tables with the calculation of the incurred financial charges together with the relevant Debit Notes and making the necessary ledger entries for IPL.
  • Prepares Credit Notes when providing discounts on the incurred financials or to cancel them altogether and making the necessary ledger entries for IPL.
  • Advises debtors upon receipt of clear funds via the banks regarding the breakdown of the allocation of funds, especially in cases when financials/legal fees are charged and obtaining debtor’s confirmation on the allocation for IPL.
  • Prepares physical suppliers' payment confirmation letters for clients whenever requested.
  • Provides debtors with the required documents/clarification such as: (a) Invoices/Bunker Delivery Notes in case they claim non-receipt of an invoice and follows up for prompt settlement, b) Letters for new/change of bank account details, (c) Completes the forms provided by debtors with the required information and/or provides any other required docs.
  • In case debtors want to postpone payment beyond the invoice due date and/or they want to pay in installments, informs/alerts the appropriate persons (i.e. GCRM, Traders and/or CFO/CEO) and proceeds accordingly by charging financials whenever necessary and monitors such accounts closely.
  • Advises debtors for alternative bank accounts when requested and in cases when they want to pay in EUROS, advises them the exchange rate of the USD/EUR and/or the exact amount in USD that eventually clears via the bank. In cases of short-payments due to the exchange rate, requests from the debtors for the full settlement of the remaining outstanding balance.
  • Liaises with all Traders (CY/GR/SING) and CEO/GCRM/CFO and provides all required information/documents (i.e. debtors payment performance, ledger movement, DAAR/SOA and Stem profitability).
  • Provides feedback to the trading/legal team and/or MD/CM/GFC regarding problematic debtors or debtors who refuse to settle the invoice(s) due to (pending) claims/dispute and makes suggestions for proceeding with final notice/legal action.
  • Monitors the pending claims/disputes for IPL and ensures their finalisation in order to be able to follow up for payment as appropriate as well as to update the Daily Cash Flow accordingly.
  • Registers/posts all the incoming cheques and deposits them on the due date (except for guarantee cheques) for IPL.
  • Prepares and forwards Final Notice letters to debtors together with the updated Statements of Account/Debit Notes by applying the financial charges (i.e. as per terms and/or discounted) accordingly and/or as applicable.
  • Prepares all documents required for legal action and forwards them onto the appropriate lawyers. Liaises with our lawyers for additional information/documentation as required until the file passes to the legal dept.
  • Performs relevant year-end tasks for auditing purposes.
  • Opens, maintains and updates customers’ accounts/ details and credit limits in the accounting system.
  • Posts of receivables on a daily basis.
  • Prepares ad-hoc customer evaluation reports as required by GCRM and CEO.
  • General support to the department as required by GCRM/CFO.
    Implements Group’s Management System and makes suggestions for improvements.

Required Qualifications/Competencies

  • LCCI Higher and/or University degree in Accounting and/or Finance or other Business or Finance related subject.
  • Previous relevant experience will be considered as an advantage
  • Commercially minded
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and by email, with customers of various nationalities and cultures in a professional manner.
  • Good working knowledge of computerized sales ledger systems and spreadsheet applications
  • Basic bookkeeping knowledge
  • Good command of the Greek and English languages


Applications will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Applicants must already be eligible to be employed within the EU.

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