Marlow Navigation selects MORSε-ORB developed by Prevention at Sea


( Marlow Navigation has commenced the fleetwide rollout of the electronic Oil Record Book from Prevention at Sea (P@S).

Mr Andreas Alexandrakis, HSSE Manager at Marlow Navigation Co. Ltd stated: «We are very happy to proceed with the P@S MORSE-ORB for our Fleet. Choosing the right software is a critical decision that requires proper due diligence. After conducting thorough research and analysis, we chose the MORSE-ORB because it met our specific needs and requirements. We evaluated various options based on factors such as functionality, reliability, scalability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. We also considered the software vendor's reputation, customer support, and product roadmap to cover future requirements. Ultimately, we selected the software that provided the best value for our investment and aligned with our business objectives».

CEO & Founder of Prevention at Sea Ltd Mr. Petros Achtypis said: « The decision by Marlow Navigation to select our MORSE-ORB software honours us. We are grateful for the trust and confidence placed in P@S in their transition from the use of traditional paper Record Books to electronic Record Books, starting with our electronic Oil Record Book. Soon, through our MORSE platform and the simultaneous existence of CII/Voyage monitoring, Work/Rest hours, ship e-books and inventories - all in one place - our clients will be getting access to crucial data-driven information and advanced analytics in terms of fleet profiling, safety, pollution prevention, cost efficiency and ship performance».


Functionalities & Features include:

  • Liberian Registry official electronic ORB
  • Accepted by all major Flag Registries
  • 1000+ vessels
  • Compliant with MEPC. 312 (74)
  • Ship-specific customization
  • Office monitoring (web portal)
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • 24/7 Maintenance & Support
  • Sounding Tables & Piping diagram module
  • Seals inventory & Daily sounding modules
  • Automated calculations
  • Various back-up options
  • E-learning
  • Data security


To learn more about the ɛ-ORB and Prevention at Sea, visit

About Prevention at Sea Ltd

Prevention at Sea is an ISO 9001 maritime technology and marine risk prevention firm, certified by Lloyd's Register, built on a safety culture and risk prevention foundations. The company was born to serve the maritime industry by preventing the negatives and promoting the positives. Prevention at Sea clients benefit from their diversified maritime services and innovative software products which ensure paperless functionalities, high calibre and fleet performance optimisation, effective treatment of marine operational risks, prevention of ‘human factor’ errors and compliance with regulations, by allowing the maritime business environment to thrive.

About Marlow Navigation

Since the company’s beginnings in 1982, Marlow Navigation has grown to become a globally renowned and trusted name in the commercial ship management industry. From first working as a small team out of a rented office in the maritime hub of Limassol, to firmly emerging as a fully-fledged crew and ship management company.

Today, a network of fully controlled offices spanning across 12 countries, with over 1,000 shore-based staff and 24,000 active seafarers, underpin the company’s success story, business sustainability, and client-focused ethos. This steadfast progress, especially amid fast-changing and challenging market conditions is surely testament to company service values, industry maturity, and adaptability.

Marlow's scope of services has over the past three decades broadened to incorporate a wide range of ship management activities, including crew managementtechnical ship managementnew building supervisionfinance and administrationcrew training and safety, and offshore crewing. Our full management department meanwhile operates a diverse fleet, including container ships, bulk carriers, multipurpose vessels, tankers, and other specialised vessels.

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