CHIRP Maritime Annual safety digest of Reports and Insight Articles 2022

chirp 2022

( Chirp Maritime has recently published its flagship magazine, a very educational publication on maritime safety. Anyone who comes across an unsafe situation in their maritime world can report this to Chirpmaritime. Chirpmaritime will anonymize the report and contact the parties involved. The purpose is to prevent an unsafe event from happening again without starting a blame game or pointing fingers.

Welcome to the eighth annual review of CHIRP Maritime reports, covering all the cases that CHIRP published during 2022 and including some in-depth articles specially commissioned to highlight important safety topics.

2022 was another difficult year for seafarers. As the Covid-19 situation showed signs of improving, mariners were faced with added dangers due to conflicts, especially in waters off Ukraine, and we have marveled at the courage of many of our colleagues who have, for example, kept vital grain shipments moving despite the risks. In shipping, we are well aware of the sacrifices being made to keep the world’s trade moving, but more generally there is widespread ignorance of the services our seafarers continue to provide.

Despite all the hardships, seafarers have still managed to submit reports to CHIRP but we believe the standard of those reports is higher than ever and we wish to publicly thank all contributors for their excellent feedback. CHIRP Maritime and the results are for all to see.

You can download the 2022 Annual CHIRP report below:



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