Maritime Anti Corruption Network (MACN) 2022 Annual Report


( Maritime Anti Corruption Network (MACN) provides a unique global forum for businesses to contribute to the elimination of corrupt practices in the maritime industry. MACN is composed of vessel-owning companies and others in the maritime industry, including cargo owners and service providers.

MACN was established in 2011 as an industry-led collective action initiative, with a goal of stamping out corruption in the maritime industry and promoting inclusive trade.

Anti corruption in the Maritime industry

With over 170 companies ( across the maritime industry, making up over 50% of global tonnage, MACN has become one of the preeminent examples of an industry-led collective action network taking tangible steps to eliminate corruption across the supply chain. By working in partnership with the industry, governments, and civil society MACN has been successful in addressing corruption risks through country-specific actions in locations as diverse as Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt, India, Ukraine, and Argentina.

MACN’s initiatives have been welcomed by stakeholders and have resulted in measurable outcomes such as the removal of trade barriers, strengthened governance frameworks, and substantially reduced corruption risks in maritime trade.

Corruption is a major obstacle to sustainable development, as it affects all five pillars of sustainable development – people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships. Corruption is a major threat to countries, people’s lives, and livelihoods.

Corruption leads to weak institutions, creates injustice and insecurity, destroys justice and fairness, and deprives people of basic needs such as health care, education, clean water, sanitation, and housing. It also stops economic growth, threatens environmental resources, destroys innovation, and makes our world even more turbulent.

For a summary of the report by the MACN CEO, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, watch this video:


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