US Transportation Statistics Annual Report 2023


( Transportation facilitates the economic prosperity and the quality of life. It enables people to engage in productive pursuits and experience the social interactions that take full advantage of efficient spatial specialization and distribution. An efficient and resilient transportation system and its seamless operation underpin the overall efficiency and resilience of the entire economy.

The Transportation Statistics Annual Report presents an overview of the U.S. transportation system and key indicators, including data and statistics on passenger travel, freight movement, transportation and the economy, system reliability, safety, energy use, and the environmental impacts of transportation. The report also focuses on closing data gaps and improving the ways transportation statistics are collected, compiled, analyzed, and published.

The report provides a detailed overview of transportation-related data and statistics in the United States and covers various modes of transportation, including air, water, rail, and road.

Key components typically included in the report are:

  1. Air Transportation: Information on passenger and cargo traffic, airport operations, and other relevant air transportation data.
  2. Water Transportation: Data on vessel movements, port activities, and other maritime-related statistics.
  3. Rail Transportation: Details on rail traffic, infrastructure, and performance metrics for freight and passenger rail.
  4. Road Transportation: Information on highway infrastructure, traffic, safety, and other road-related statistics.
  5. Multimodal Transportation: Integration of data across different transportation modes, highlighting intermodal connectivity and interactions.
  6. Transportation Economics: Economic indicators related to the transportation sector, such as expenditures, employment, and economic impact.
  7. Safety and Security: Statistics on transportation-related safety and security measures.

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