Loss Prevention Bulletin: Carriage of Rice

riceRice is a sensitive cargo and claims arising from the carriage of rice are not unusual. However, it is equally common for cargo interests to blame the vessel for any shortages, damage or deterioration irrespective of the actual cause.
In particular, the reasons why rice may deteriorate on passage need to be understood so that, where possible, action can be taken to carry and deliver the cargo in sound condition.

To minimise the possibility of such claims, a Loss Prevention Bulletin on “The Carriage of Rice” has been issued by West of England P&I club, which contains guidance on the problems associated with the carriage of rice along with various precautionary measures that may help to reduce incidents of this nature.

Click image below to download.rice

Click image above to download document

Source: West of England P&I club


One thought on “Loss Prevention Bulletin: Carriage of Rice

  1. Good day.

    I have read the article with interest.

    WOE and yourselves maybe interested on my paper on the subject. Advisedly I have done many rice claims in W Africa as a consultant marine surveyor.

    I attach same herewith.

    KInd regards

    Tim Grime
    T.M Grime & Co Ltd,
    On 5 Aug 2015, at 14:30, Maritime Cyprus <comment-reply@wordpress.com>


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