Cruise ship industry updated orders coming in the near future


( In the period 2015-2016, 17 new vessels were launched adding a total of 41162 passenger capacity to the worldwide industry, which was 9,1% growth, with additional USD 3,4 billion dollars in annual revenue.

By the year 2027, based on all current shipbuilding orders, Royal Caribbean (RCCL) will be ranked the world's largest passenger shipping company (estimated annual passenger capacity 5,7 million) followed by Carnival Corporation (approx 5 million passengers annually).

  • MSC's passenger capacity will be increased by nearly 160% (2027 over 2017) from approx 1,7 million to 4,4 million passengers.
  • NCL Norwegian's passenger capacity growth (2027 over 2017) will be approx 65% (2,14 million to 3,3 million).
  • The annual capacity growth of Celebrity will be 62,5% (0,8 million to 1.3 million), of Princess 28% (1,8 million to 2,3 million).
  • New major companies entering the cruising market are Virgin Voyages and Ritz-Carlton.

Princess Cruises ship design (Royal, Regal)

Next YouTube video is about the new luxury mega-yacht Scenic Eclipse designed for polar cruises (to Antarctica and Arctic destinations).

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