Cruise ship industry updated orders coming in the near future

( In the period 2015-2016, 17 new vessels were launched adding a total of 41162 passenger capacity to the worldwide industry, which was 9,1% growth, with additional USD 3,4 billion dollars in annual revenue.

By the year 2027, based on all current shipbuilding orders, Royal Caribbean (RCCL) will be ranked the world’s largest passenger shipping company (estimated annual passenger capacity 5,7 million) followed by Carnival Corporation (approx 5 million passengers annually).

  • MSC’s passenger capacity will be increased by nearly 160% (2027 over 2017) from approx 1,7 million to 4,4 million passengers.
  • NCL Norwegian’s passenger capacity growth (2027 over 2017) will be approx 65% (2,14 million to 3,3 million).
  • The annual capacity growth of Celebrity will be 62,5% (0,8 million to 1.3 million), of Princess 28% (1,8 million to 2,3 million).
  • New major companies entering the cruising market are Virgin Voyages and Ritz-Carlton.

Princess Cruises ship design (Royal, Regal)

Next YouTube video is about the new luxury mega-yacht Scenic Eclipse designed for polar cruises (to Antarctica and Arctic destinations).

Cruise vessels on order 2018-2026 deliveries

The global shipbuilding orders for the period 2018-2016 showed a record number of cruise ships on order – a total of 91 vessels.

  • The vessels’ total value is around USD 58 billion.
  • The number of passenger berths that will be introduced following the deliveries is 239,214.
  • 9 of all ships were ordered and designed specifically for the Asian market (China).
  • 22 of all ships on order are ice-strengthened expedition vessels.

New MSC ships 2017-2026

On March 20, 2014, MSC and STX France signed in Paris a letter of intent for building 2 new mega liners (scheduled delivery in 2017 (Meraviglia) and 2019 (TBA), with an option for 2 more same class vessels. Each of the new ships features weight of 167,600 GT. As GT they are slightly smaller than the Quantum ships (167,800 GT), but with bigger passenger capacity – 4500 vs 4180.

MSC Meraviglia-class cruise ship

The MSC’s new liners feature expanded facilities (theater, MSC Yacht Club, solarium, amusement park, aqua park, 2-deck “inside promenade”), new dining options, new cabin categories (duplex suites in the Yacht Club area), optimized hull design, better propulsion and fuel scrubbers.

In February 2016, MSC announced it would build two new mega ships of the so called “Meraviglia Plus” class. There is unofficial information about an additional MSC shiporder for four more Meraviglia-plus class (GT 177,000 tons) ships. Each is able to carry up to 6,300 passengers at full capacity. Each of the two newbuilds has 200 additional cabins and is 16 meters longer compared to the Meraviglia class ships,

This makes the MSC (as a private company) the largest foreign investor in France – with over USD 8,6 billion in export contracts over a period of 5 years.

  • On April 6, 2016, MSC signed a letter of intent with STX France for construction of up to four new class vessels. The ships are LNG-powered, with GT tonnage 200,000 tons and passenger capacity 5,400 (at double occupancy).
  • During MSC Seaside ship’s delivery ceremony (November 29, 2017), MSC announced the order of 2 more “Seaside EVO” class cruise ships from Fincantieri (contract value EUR 1,8 billion). The new ships are bigger (16 m longer, 17,330 GT tons heavier, capacity 467 more passengers) in comparison to the sister-ships Seaview and Seaside. The newbuilds’ deliveries were scheduled for 2021 and 2023.
  • With the addition of Seaside EVO, MSC had an unprecedented total investment of EUR 10,5 billion into 12 new vessels with scheduled deliveries by 2026.

The first of these four “World Class” vessels will be delivered in 2022.

MSC World-class cruise ship

New Carnival ships 2019-2022

In the end of March 2015 was announced, that the Carnival Corporation orders a total of 9 new vessels to be built by two different building companies. Fincantieri SpA (Italy) will construct 5 new ships at the company’s yards in Monfalcone and Marghera. Meyer Werft BmbH will construct the other 4 new Carnival ships at the company’s yards in Germany (Papenburg) and Finland (Turku).

One of the new vessels will be of a new class, with gross tonnage of 175,000. All new ship orders feature next-generation cruise vessel designs, and will serve the company’s well established markets (North America, Europe), as well as the booming markets of Asia and Australia. Each ship will be designed accordingly to the brand line it will serve – Costa, Princess, Holland America and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Cruise ship orders set a new record, as the global market will introduce in 2019 more passenger berths than ever – over 40000 in total. The 2019’s order book has 12 new ships (average passenger capacity of 3362). For comparison, about 33500 berths were introduced in 2010, and about 30000 in 2001.

The biggest vessels debuting in 2019 are two Carnival Corporation ships being built for the lines AIDA and Costa (each with capacity 5200 pax). Among the smallest vessels are four Ponant yachts (each with capacity 180 pax).

Ponant Cruises new ship design

New NCL ships – next photo represents the company’s new vessel design by Project Leonardo.

new NCL cruise ship design (Project Leonardo)

Next video is about the new Ponant ships.






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