Ship Owners, Financiers and Investors fills Marine Money Cyprus Agenda


( Shipping and ship finance experts and investors from Cyprus, Greece, Europe and beyond are in the exciting agenda for the upcoming Marine Money Cyprus Forum on 16 April 2019 in Limassol.

Ship Owners, financiers and investors who are shaping the industry will discuss the major issues in shipping today – external issues like geo-politics, trade growth and the environment – and internal issues of supply and demand of ships, and the new fuel debate.  The Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping will give a keynote address and moderate a panel discussion.  Anchor Sponsor is again Hellenic Bank.

Among topics to be discussed are:

  • Alternative Finance and Shipping Funds in Cyprus
  • Growth, trade tiffs and geopolitics are taking the silver lining off what could be seen as    positive shipping fundamentals
  • Trends in transaction and digital banking and making operations in shipping more efficient
  • Cyprus based companies versus global competition: advantages and disadvantages
  • SAFE BULKERS INC - comments on Cyprus, strategy and vision
  • Energy and offshore: new found riches around the Cypriot coastline
  • The Cyprus contribution in the ship finance mix
  • The next few years will be critical for the future of shipping.  Industry stalwarts from Cyprus and abroad discuss fundamental supply, demand and finance as well as industry disruptors including regulation and digitization

Cyprus has been known for decades as a shipping hub for ship management companies.  Add to that shipping banks which are now building portfolios and actively involved in transactions big and small in Cyprus, Greece and beyond and the healthy core of ship owing companies and the cluster is surely large and growing.

Further information about the Marine Money Cyprus Forum 2019 is at or contact  Mia Jensen, Tel: (+30) 210 9858 809  E-mail:


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