European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) 5 year strategy plan for 2020 - 2024


( EMSA has published their 5-year strategy plan for years 2020-2024. The strategy hinges around five priority areas – sustainability, safety, security, simplification and surveillance – and the four key functions of service provider, reliable partner, international reference and knowledge hub. The new strategy reflects EMSA’s important role in the implementation of the European Commission’s priorities in all policy areas related to the seas.

The new strategy comes at a time when the maritime sector – both in the EU and globally – is facing historical challenges and opportunities. Zero pollution, decarbonisation, sustainability, digitalisation, data exchange, safety and security, compliance and effective enforcement are all topics that the sector will be tested by and will need to address in the coming years. In times like this, a strong facilitator of knowledge and collaboration is key to cope effectively with the challenges and move ahead and beyond.

With the strategy, EMSA takes on this task of facilitator for the benefit of the European Commission and the Member States. With the new strategy’s five priorities – Sustainability, Safety, Security, Simplification and Surveillance – EMSA has set the course as a centre of excellence in the European maritime domain that will bring EMSA to fulfill the purpose of the Agency in ensuring a high, uniform and effective level of maritime safety, maritime security, prevention of, and response to, pollution caused by ships as well as response to marine pollution caused by oil and gas installations.

For details, click on below image to download EMSA 5 year strategy:


Source: EMSA

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