BIMCO publishes suite of LNG Fuel Clauses for Time Charters

LNG fuelled ship time charter clauses

( An increasing number of ships that use alternative fuels are entering the market in response to the industry’s drive towards reducing CO2 emissions. The most common alternative fuel at present is Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) which is used in an increasing number of dual-fuelled ships in operation.

To support the use of alternative fuels, BIMCO has developed a suite of LNG clauses for time charter parties. The LNG Fuel Clauses are designed to sit alongside existing bunker clauses in standard time charter parties. The clauses address essential issues in the delivery, management and quality of LNG as fuel. The four LNG Fuel Clauses are available to download free of charge from the BIMCO website.

The suite consists of four clauses (click to download):

LNG Fuel Operational Clause
LNG Fuel Gas-freeing and Cool-down Clause
LNG Fuel Quality Clause
LNG Fuel Delivery and Redelivery Clause


Source: BIMCO

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