Education in the Cyprus Maritime cluster: Introduction to MIEEK and "Supply Chain Management and Maritime Studies"


( MIEEK is a higher school of vocational education and training offered by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth. It offers 12 two-year tuition-free programs of studies in developing sectors of the economy. It was established to promote lifelong learning with an emphasis on supporting the adaptability of the workforce as well as to meet the needs of high school graduates not heading to university but who need specialized vocational training to become more capable and effective for employment.

Supply Chain Management and Maritime Studies is one of the twelve accredited programs at MIEEK. In a way, MIEEK provides equal opportunities for access to knowledge – hence to the labor market – to people with financial difficulties.

The program has close ties to the industry, an example of which is its advisory board. Its members are the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (Cyprus branch), the Cyprus Shipping Association, the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science, and Technology (Cyprus branch), and KYFEAS (Cyprus Agency for Supply Chain Management and Operations).

Some of the students in our program are employed in the (maritime) industry but lack formal qualifications. Others have previous studies but wish to be retrained. And others are high-school graduates. Their ages range from 18 to 55. Most of them work during the day and study in the evenings. Some of them have children. Balancing work, studies, and personal life can be a bit of a challenge. But our students know that, in our program, we are only a phone call or a message away. Students are eligible for up to four exemptions. A part-time study might help with the workload. However, part-time students are not eligible
for the student state subsidy.

MIEEK premises in Limassol.

The program aims to offer students the knowledge, skills, competencies, and the mindset for a smooth entry into the labor market. All our instructors come from the industry and bring the latest market tendencies to class.

In the two years of their studies, students take twenty courses (or fewer if they are entitled to exemptions) and complete a twelve-week internship unless they are already employed in the industry. This internship experience is an opportunity to gain insight into good practices in Cyprus and abroad (in the framework of Erasmus+ and ErasmusPro). The full details of the courses are available online ( Tuition is free. The language of instruction is Greek, but emphasis is given to English terminology.

Employability is high among our graduates. Some seek employment in the maritime sector, while others in logistics or the general industry. Some of our alumni have even made it to key positions in their companies.

The Program organizes numerous extra-curricular activities, such as panel discussions, lectures by guest speakers, and field trips to widen students’ understanding of the industry. A recent example was the panel discussion on “Blue Growth: A Challenge for the Environment?”

Under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and with the kind support of Salamis Company, we organize a competition for high school students each year. We also organize an annual research competition for the students in our program. Some of our students also took part in the Sea of Experience National Competition and won first place. I had the pleasure of sharing this experience at the Final Dissemination Workshop during Maritime Cyprus Week last October.

We also work closely with other professional institutions, such as YoungShip, as well as other academic institutions, such as FU (Frederick University) and CIM (Cyprus Institute of Marketing). The student with the highest GPA in our program receives a bursary from the ICS (International Chamber of Shipping, Cyprus branch) for the Certificate Understanding Shipping. Students who wish to further their studies can have their ECTS transferred. Finally, part of our extra-curricular activities are actions – such as beach cleaning, blood donation, etc. –that will hopefully inspire students to develop a sense of social responsibility in the future.

All relevant information (in the Greek language) can be accessed on the MIEEK website, Online registrations for the academic year 2023-2024 have started and will continue until August 18. Anyone with a high school leaving certificate can apply. In the case of male applicants, they need to have completed their military service. There is no age limit or Pancyprian exam. Good working knowledge of English is an additional qualification. As our program is accredited, students can apply for the student state subsidy.

For more information, contact 99565768.




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