Black Sea MoU annual PSC report 2022


( During the 2022 calendar year, 4,972 inspections, involving 3,501 individual ships, were carried out on ships registered by 77 Flag Administrations in the Black Sea Region. The war in Ukraine has heavily affected shipping in the Black Sea Region, including Ukrainian ports. In early 2022, before the onset of the war on 24  February, the number of inspections (958) returned to the pre-Covid and is slightly more than the total number of inspections in this period of 2019 (848).

After the onset of the war, from 24 February to 22 July, the number of inspections of Ukraine immediately dropped 84.6 per cent as compared with the same period of the previous year, from 1,006 to 157, while the regional number of inspections also dropped nearly 30.0 per cent from 2,422 to 1,697.

With the purpose to facilitate the safe navigation for the export of grain, foodstuffs and fertilizers, including ammonia from the Ukrainian Ports of Odesa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny/Pivdennyi, on 22 July 2022 the Republic of Turkey, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United Nations signed the Black Sea Grain Initiative. The initiative allows exports from Ukraine of grain, other foodstuffs, and fertilizers, including ammonia, to resume through a safe maritime humanitarian corridor from the aforementioned Ukrainian ports to the rest of the world. After the signing of BSGI in July, during the period of 23 July - 31 December, the regional number of inspections (2,317) bounced back and approached the previous year’s data (2,354). Although there is a recovery in the number of inspections of Ukraine (621) after the signing of BSGI, it is still about 40 per cent below the pre-war period at the same time.

The exact number of individual ships operating in the region was unavailable due to the war in Ukraine and it was estimated as 4,715, the inspection rate in the region was approximately 74.25% in 2022. The number of individual ships inspected in 2022 (3,501) is nearly 14% less compared with the number of individual ships inspected in 2022 (4,064).

Out of 4,972 inspections in 2022, 2,981 of the inspections were found with deficiencies. The percentage of the inspection with deficiencies in 2022 (59.96%) increased by 6.56% compared with 2022 (53.40%).

In 2022, the number of ships detained as a result of deficiency(ies) clearly hazardous to safety, health or environment amounted to 174. These detained vessels were registered by 33 different Flag Administrations. The overall detention percentage in the region (Detentions as per cent of inspections) was 3.17 in 2021; in 2022, it slightly increased to 3.50.

Since several individual ships were inspected and detained more than once during any one year, the regional detention rate (Individual ships detained as per cent of individual ships inspected) in 2022 was 4.63 and it is higher than the detention percentage. The regional detention rate in 2022 was also higher than the 2021 detention rate of 3.88.

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