USCG: Ballast water management reports update (22 Feb. 2016)


The US Coast Guard has issued a notice, reminding owners, operators, and masters that the final rule amending the ballast water management reporting and record-keeping requirements comes into effect on 22 February 2016.

From that date, vessels with ballast water tanks operating exclusively on voyages within a single Captain of the Port (COTP) zone are required to submit an annual report of their ballast water management practices.

The amendments also simplify and streamline the ballast water report form. Finally, the amendments provide that ballast water management reports are to be submitted after arrival at a port or place of destination, rather than requiring submission prior to arrival.

Ballast Water Management Report (click below image to download):BWM report

Ballast Water Management Instructions (click below image to download):

BWM instructions

Ballast Water Management USCG regulations (click below image to download):BWM regulations

Source: USCG



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