UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) Annual Accident Statistics Report 2022


( The MAIB received reports of 1,263 accidents (casualties and incidents) to UK vessels worldwide or any vessels within UK coastal waters during 2022. A total of 1,351 vessels were involved.

Of the reports received, 516 accidents were outside the scope of this overview; as an example, accidents to people that did not involve any actual or potential casualty to a vessel have been omitted.

The remaining 747 accidents, involving 800 commercial vessels, were reported in 2022 according to severity.



In 2022, the MAIB made 38 recommendations to 21 separate recipients, of which 36 (94.7%) were accepted and half of those already implemented. One recommendation was partially accepted, and one recommendation was rejected. While this is an excellent acceptance rate and a significant improvement on last year, it is disappointing that a number of recipients of older recommendations were unable to provide a target date for their implementation.

Deaths and injuries in 2022

According to UK MAIB, Ratings/Deck suffered the most, as 27 incidents were reported for their rank. Coming in second, hotel service staff suffered 22 incidents, and officer, deck reported 12 incidents, the same with other crew members.

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Source: UK MAIB 




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